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How to choose cycling bag customization?

2021-09-07 22:27:31 China cycling backpack factory

How to choose a custom cycling bag? The first thing is how to choose a cycling bag. A good quality bag is not afraid that no one wants it. A good quality bag can also show the ability of the manufacturer. How to choose a customized cycling bag?cycling gear factory,cycling backpack supplier,cycling uniform manufacturer,Customs cycling gear

1. Designed with ventilation and perspiration wicking system. When riding, the riding bag is completely buckled on the back. If the back is not ventilated during riding, it will be quite uncomfortable if the wet sweat is covered on the back. Therefore, a custom-made riding bag needs to add a mesh resin board to isolate the back and the bag body, giving a space for air to flow, and effectively keeping the parts in contact with the body dry.

2. Whether the loading system is reasonable. Cycling bags usually consist of a main bag, a side bag, and an attached bag. Small cycling bags generally do not exceed 30L, generally 10L, 14L, 18L, 20L, 25L, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to customize the bag design of each part of the cycling bag to better distribute the objects and rationally use the capacity. Of course, more importantly, it is convenient to take.

3. Water bag device. A special water bag compartment is designed in the cycling bag, which also plays a fixed role in the water bag, so as to prevent the water bag from moving in the bag when the road is bumpy. The outlet of the water bag is convenient for drinking water anytime and anywhere when riding. Two water bag straw fixing buckles are designed on the shoulder strap, and the straw can be fixed on the left or right according to the user's habits to prevent the straw from being swayed by the wind when it is exposed.

4.High-quality webbing and fasteners. After the functions of the cycling bag are satisfied, the important thing is its quality: high-quality webbing has a smooth surface, soft texture, moderate astringency, strong bearing capacity, and can withstand a tensile force of more than 200 kg. The fasteners are relatively thick in workmanship and flexible to use. Good fasteners are easy to operate. You will hear a "click" when you click the card, indicating that it has been locked. The general fasteners are hesitated and unreliable, and there is a possibility of natural detachment.